The Cornish landscape has captivated me for over thirty years when I first camped and climbed the sea cliffs with my sons.

Its immense diversity from the coast to the mining areas and moors offers the artist a limitless number of opportunities to depict this magnificent landscape in all weathers and times of the year.  I am often astounded by the sudden beauty of light and changing colours as I travel the county.  My intention (not always achieved!) is to convey this not in a flat photographic manner. Simply to tell it as it is with some excitement and feeling that for me is only attainable when one is immersed in the subject and its immediate surroundings.

The majority of my work is done in Cornwall and Brittany where I have a permanent Studio base in my cottage by the sea. Also in Norfolk and Devon both counties that offer such a contrast to the fierce colours and rugged aspect that is Cornwall.